Warrington Oktoberfest

Run by the Rotary Club of Warrington

Band List for Oktoberfest 23


Thursday 24th October           Kickback Sundays   (Sponsored by ACC Security Solutions )

An acoustic duo based in Warrington, they consist of two acoustic guitars, foot percussion plus a vocal harmonising vocoder making Kick Back Sundays visually and sonically unique.
Vocalist Ashleigh Rodier comes with a genuine Australian accent and has a sweet, strong vocal quality that is charming and hypnotising.
Ben Foster is a multi-instrumentalist who performs the duties of drummer, bassist and lead guitar all with one instrument and two percussive pedals, one for each foot. He alone is a performance in himself and highly entertaining to watch.
They have a repertoire wide enough to suit any musical taste.


Friday 25th  October      Pink Pumps (Sponsored by Watsons Solicitors)

The Origins...
The original Pumps were to be found gigging extensively round the pubs and clubs of the North West in the early 1980’s, usually as a three piece playing high energy new wave influenced rock music, more commonly known as Power Pop these days. They eventually fizzled out after a succession of guitarists failed to stick around…special mentions to Noel, Steve, Trev, Phil and Paul who all spanked their planks with us at some time.

The Here and Now...
And then original members Ken and Dave decided it was time to have some fun again and get the show back on the road. Recording sessions have taken place and a record company is making interesting noises. A new drummer and guitarist have been recruited and gigs have been booked. Yes, thirty years later its Pumpin’ time again!

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Saturday 26th October

Lunchtime Session                  Lazy River Jazz (Sponsored by PSP Plumbing & Heating Ltd)

The band's name describes perfectly what is in store for Oktoberfest afternoon fans. Quintessentional traditional jazz with a light-hearted feel. A regular favourite at the festival over the years.


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Warrington Society for Deaf People Signing Choir

This amazing choir has previously wowed festival attendees with their meticulous performances. A favourite of ours who never fail to entertain with their approach to a varied repertoire.

Evening Session                           No Stamp Required (Sponsored by PSP Plumbing & Heating Ltd )

This band needs no further introduction. A Rock/Pop evergreen at the Oktoberfests over the years, This band provides a final night revelry with a sound that covers most of the popular catalogue of music from over the years.