Warrington Oktoberfest

Run by the Rotary Club of Warrington

Thursday Evening

First Night

Well that's the first night complete and what a night, thank you to all of you who came to make the first night of Oktoberfest for two years such a success. It was good to see you all and we look forward to seeing more of you over the next two days. There are lots of excellent beers waiting for you.

Extra Beer

Oakham Brewery's White Dwarf makes an unexpected appearance

It's beer 1A and is a superb beer, enjoy it.

A 4.3 golden ale described as:

Predominately English-hopped with Pioneer and Challenger joined by Cascade from the USA.

Light gold in colour with fruit flavours shining through to a zesty, thirst quenching finish.

Beer Change

Old Bee instead of Knocker Up

Knocker Up failed to arrive at the Parr Hall today, instead we have Old Bee which comes from the same brewery, Three B's in Darwen.

Old Bee has an ABV of 5.5%  and is described as 'An olde English ale with deep Liquorice and treacle flavours' and as a 'Dark, ruby ale with deep, rich, smooth taste'

Be on the Radio

Radio Warrington & Hospital Radio

The Radio Warrington Culture Show will be broadcast live from Oktoberfest on Thursday evening and Hospital Radio will be with us on Saturday afternoon.

Card Payments

For festival entry and token purchases

We can take payment for entry to Oktoberfest and for the purchase of tokens either by contactless card or by cash.

Token Prices

All payments are made by the use of tokens

There will be two colours of tokens, Green and Yellow. Green are priced at 6 for £10.00 and Yellow are 5 for £10.00, Green tokens buy a half pint of beers up to 4.5% ABV and Yellow tokens buy a half pint of stronger beers, lagers and ciders. Gins and Prosecco are bought using multiples of Green tokens.